Spartan Creed

I will be getting the best education I can by listening to and respecting my teachers and coaches.

I will know the difference between good actions and those that can be dangerous and I will avoid those that can cause harm.

I will stand alone for what is right just like I must stand alone when I wrestle.

I will help my parents do their jobs by listening to what they say and letting them know that I really do understand what they are saying.

I will prevent myself from getting addicted by not smoking cigarettes or using illegal drugs.

I will always respect my teammates and my opponents.

I will remember that I can learn from losing. I will always do my best in school, wrestling and life.

I will choose role models that will support me and who makes good decisions. I will treat others the way I would like to be treated.

I will support the wrestler’s creed my whole life and if I have children, I will encourage them to do the same.

I will always believe I can accomplish a goal, even if no one else does.

Signed_____________________ Date________________

Note: The wrestlers creed was given to Coach Carpio by Coach Pittman of 
Peninsula Wrestling Club (Oregon Club) twice. Peninsula Wrestling Club has been around since 1971 and is known as the top wrestling club in the NW. Coach Carpio made some modifications.